2016 Keynote Address

David L. Johnson, CEO, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership

David JohnsonThe 2016 INVESTIndiana keynote speaker is David Johnson, a leading figure who is galvanizing Indiana’s drive for economic vibrancy. The Harvard and Oxford-educated executive directs an alliance of corporations, foundations and universities to address the challenges and opportunities in key growth sectors such as life sciences, advanced manufacturing and technology. 

Johnson, who became President and CEO of CICP in 2012, also serves as ThumbnailPresident of its BioCrossroads life sciences initiative focused on strategic investments to grow Indiana’s life sciences sector. Through his work at BioCrossroads, Johnson has been responsible for raising over a quarter-billion dollars in philanthropic and venture capital funding to advance new companies, promote innovative research, and focus on 21st Century employment opportunities for Hoosiers. 

Click the Powerpoint slide above (right) to download a PDF (2.3mb) of his presentation. 

Previous INVEST Conference speakers 

INVEST conferences feature investment, economic and poliitical leaders from across the spectrum.  The 2014 Indiana speaker was William Testa, director, regional research, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Previous speakers include Sarbanes-Oxley co-author Michael Oxley; Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels; financial columnist Michael Santoli;  Cleveland Fed CEO Sandra Pianalto and SVP Mark E. Schweitzer; Stuart Hoffman, Chief Economist, PNC Financial Services; investment fund manager Lauren Templeton; Jordan Hansell, CEO from Berkshire Hathaway-owned NetJets; and Linda Chatman Thomson, who presided over the SEC's investigation of Enron.